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Eco Frame Spot

Eco Frame Spot is a downlight LED fixture. It features different shapes and sizes of housing suitable for GU10 LED bulbs. This versatility makes eco frame spot great for varied interior applications

Application Indoor
Shape Rectangular, Round, Square
Mounting Type Ceiling Recessed, Ceiling Adjustable Recessed

General Luminaire

Body Material Aluminum, Polycarbonate
Diffuser Material Glass, Not Applicable
Ingress Protection 40
Lifetime 50,000 hrs

Electrical Characteristics

Voltage 220-240V, Not Applicable
Frequency 50-60Hz, NOT Applicable
Power Factor >0.9, NOT Applicable
Protection Class II, NOT Applicable
Wattage NOT Applicable, 5 W, 6 W, 7 W, 9 W, 10 W, 15 W, 30 W

Photometry & Performance

Light Source LED Bulb GU10
Beam Angle WB

Certifications & Standards


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